General Session

Session 1 – Keynote Address: Dr. Beverly Chido


The purpose of Dr. Chiodo’s presentation is to enlarge your understanding of what makes communication powerful and effective.  Dr. Beverly Chiodo will challenge you with a new perspective on how to motivate others to excellence.

As you participate, laugh, and refine your ability to speak and write, you will learn to influence and motivate others.  Your life will be changed as Dr. Chiodo teaches you how to empower others.

Dr. Chiodo is a professor in the Department of Management at Texas State University.

Dr. Jerry Supple, former President of Texas State, said she has won every teaching award the university offers, and she’s been recognized for her teaching effectiveness at the state and national levels as well.

In 1996, she was featured as “Hero of the Day” by CBS national TV program — This Morning.  

In 1997, Beverly was named “The Best Business Professor in the Nation” by the National Business Education Association.

She has published widely in her field and is a frequent presenter at seminars and conferences.

Beverly earned her BBA degree from Baylor University, her MBA from Texas Tech, and her Ph.D. from Texas A&M.

She is known by her students as the “Doctor of Encouragement.”

Beverly says that her teaching philosophy can be summed up in the proverb which says, “A wise teacher makes learning a joy.” Dr. Chiodo, come tell us how to inspire and encourage others.



Session 2 – Educational Session: Terri Thompson 

Description: Terri Thompson is a nationally renowned speaker,author, and successful entrepreneur specializing in helping individuals succeed. Here “Wildy Successful” programs are dedicated to inspiring and challenging people to achieve their own brand of wild success. Terri has delivered her powerful, high impact presentations to thousands of students on college campuses nationwide, as well as to corporations and non-profit organizations, helping individuals build confidence, develop leadership skills and set their course for soaring success.

Using humor and real life lessons, it is Terri’s goal to bring out the best in every person in her audience. Her presentation style is fun and engaging; participants leaver her motivational presentations with specific action steps for achieving their highest potential.

Terri holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University. She is also a graduate of the prestigious Etiquette Institute and is the author of “Everyday Etiquette”. Her love of speaking began when she served as National President of the American Junior Hereford Association, a 9000 member organization.